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Client: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Project: Site redesign and database development

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is Canada's pre-eminent organization of architects, with thousands of members from across the country. Their existing site had suffered from growing pains and a lack of clear navigation and organization. TenVolt undertook the redesign and database integration of this site as a joint venture with Archimedia Design (www.archimedia-design.com). TenVolt took care of the database development and programming, Archimedia focused on the information architecture and both companies worked together on the page design, client consultation and review process. Since the RAIC is governed by a board of directors, an extensive needs assessment was followed by 3 distinct design prototypes with an extensive on-line survey allowing the directors to voice their opinions on the three proposed designs. This survey data was then analyzed and applied to the favoured design to fine-tune it and incorporate all directors' feedback under the overall guidance of the organization's Director of Communications. The end result is a database-driven site which accomplishes several objectives:

- ease of use for the visitor
- ease of update (via a completely web-based, password-protected database utility)
- extensive interactivity including discussion boards, classified ads
- bilingual presentation of information where available

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