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Client: Olav Consulting
Project: Web

Olav needed a crisp, professional site to communicate to its clients and consultants.

Client comments: "Earlier this year, we a Olav Consulting decided that we wanted to outsource our web site hosting and development. We had been putting it off for some time but decided that we needed something up and running in a relatively short period of time. Before deciding to contract Tenvolt, we had discussed our requirement with a well known national firm, only to given what I can describe as unacceptable service at an exorbitant price.

After an initial conversation, I met with Steve and Craig to discuss my project in more detail. What impressed me most about Steve and Craig was that they were very passionate about their work and unlike many consultants I meet, they were not predominately concerned about money. I had a general idea on theme and feel of the site but after some discussion, it was obvious that development was not the only thing that I needed help with. Tenvolt was able to deliver, not only a website but a whole marketing package, including a logo and at a price that was a fraction of that of the competition. During the development process, the Tenvolt team was able to show me a number of design examples and was able to expand upon those which I liked. Tenvolt was able to do most of the administrative work associated with moving my URL over from my previous host to their server at no cost at all. I was fortunate to have found a company like Tenvolt and I would go out of my way to recommend them to any of my colleagues and business associates.

Kurt Jorssen
Olav Consulting Corporation"

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