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Client: OnlineGrocer.ca
Project: eCommerce development and reporting

OnlineGrocer.ca, an established online grocery store, needed to customize their "out of the box" shopping cart site, to speed up the ordering process and let customers add items to their cart without seeing their full cart contents after every click. TenVolt carefully analyzed their existing ASP pages and created a "plug-in" solution which minimized disruption and accounted for the existing customizations already in place. The result: a site which is easier to use. Subsequent work included adding the ability to recreate previous orders, making the service even quicker to use, and online reporting features which were not present in the original packaged software.

Client comments: "We were in a bind, the software package that we purchased had two very key aspects to keep our customers happy missing.The customers were complaining and we were in jeopardy of loosing them to our competitors.We gave the software package to Tenvolt and quickly they were able to code in the two additions and solve our problems.You need software manipulated to suite your needs call Tenvolt today. Thanks Steve."
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