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Steve has been an unassuming but constant fixture (like a lightbulb but not as bright) on the Ottawa scene for over 20 years, having played over 1000 shows in Jimmy George, played in front of thousands in Mystic Zealots, and performed hundreds of other live performances across the country with his various bands. While mostly known for his upright bass playing (hence the moniker “Standup Steve”) he is an accomplished guitarist as well as multi-instrumentalist, having played all the instruments on his Friends of Steve album himself.

Steve has recorded at most Ottawa studios, as well as at legendary SUN Studio in Memphis and Cowboy Jack Clement’s studio in Nashville. He plays with whoever he can, records and produces whoever he is able to, and is constantly writing and recording new material of his own for his rock project Laguna, his singer-songwriter project Friends of Steve, and the bands he plays in. Recordings he has produced and engineered have charted on national campus/community charts and been voted best album in their genre in Ottawa.

Audio Production

- see complete discography

Audio Engineering (Recording, mixing, mastering)

- see complete discography

Live Performance

For past shows click here

As band member:

- The Kingmakers (upright bass, backing vocals, songwriter, 2007-present)
- Drive-In Radio (upright bass, harmonica, vox)
- Whiskey Standards (vocals, upright bass)
- Cooper Maclaren (upright bass, backing vox)
- Ray Harris and the BSOB’s (upright bass, backing vocals, 2009-present)
- Uncle Sean and The Shifty Drifters (upright bass, backing vocals, 2009-present)
- Ninety Pounds of Ugly (upright bass, backing vocals, 2008-2013)
- Laguna (electric guitar, vocals, songwriter, 2002-present)
- Jimmy George (electric bass, backing vocals, 1991-present); performed over 1000 shows, appeared on Rita & Friends (CBC), Lunch TV (City TV), MuchMusic (2 videos in rotation), toured nationally, released 3 CD’s
- The Lowbellies (electric bass, backing vocals, songwriter, 2002-2006)
- Mystic Zealots (electric guitar, backing vocals, 1990-1992)

Plus many other past bands including Dude Ranch, The A-Tease, Remi Royale, The Detonators, and more.

As “hired gun”:
Lonesome Devils, Dang Guilty, Huntley Slim, Lynne Hanson, Trevor Alguire (upright bass, 2009), Eric Eggleston (mandolin, 2008-2009)


- for Steve's songwriting credits and info click here
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