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Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Production

Operated by Stephen K. Donnelly aka Standup Steve, TenVolt Audio offers a complete line of affordable audio and video services for bands and songwriters, from demos to full albums, live off the floor or one track at a time, recording, mixing, mastering and even graphic design once the audio portion of your project is complete.

• we offer complete digital multi-track recording, mixing and mastering in all your standard formats

we also offer complete video production live or lip-synched

• we've got a variety of vintage and modern recording equipment and instruments

• our clients and projects have received 4-star and 5-star reviews in Country Music People magazine (UK), Blue Suede News (USA) and have been nominated for and/or won "Best Roots/Country/Blues" album of the year in Ottawa

• our music publishing efforts have placed music in over 100 US television programs

• our rates are affordable (contact us for an estimate, we can likely work within your budget, no matter how tight)

• we can assistance with grant applications including demos and guidance through the process (Lefty McRighty received an Ontario Arts Council grant to record with TenVolt)

Other services include:

MP3 and RA (Real Audio) encoding, file conversion, sample-rate conversion, etc. from CD or almost any file format
• Page set up and uploading of MP3's to sites such as MP3.com, bandcamp.com and iTunes
• Digital editing
• Creation of samples, loops and tracks and complete songs
Soundtracks, scoring, voice-over, jingles and theme songs

See any of the links above or use the menu at the top under AUDIO to explore these services.

When your recording is done, we also offer graphic design of CD artwork, posters, t-shirts and other promotional material

(Looking for Ten Volt Audio? Same thing. :-)

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