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Tenvolt Audio - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Music Production

Some of our music productions, recording, mixing and mastering clients and projects

Roles: R = Record X=Mix M=Master P=Perform on W=Wrote/co-wrote C=Co-produce G=Graphic design

Artist Release Role
Various artists Tenvolt for the Holidays - TVCD-026 2018 RXMPCG
Sean Oliver Songs Left To Sing TVCD-025 2018 RXMPCG
Drive-In Radio Songs in the key of Eh TVCD-024 2017 RXMPCG
Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas One fifty five 2017 RXMP
Drive-In Radio Self-titled CD TVCD-023 2017 RXMPCG
KJ Thomas
Take The Detour TVCD-022 2017 RXMPCG
Krystal Jyl and the Jacks Self-titled TVCD-021 2017 RXMPWCG
Ray Harris
Kinda Sets The Tone TVCD-019 2016 RXMPG
I'm Your Groupie You're My Rockstar
2-song 7" single RXM
Paco Dvoi
Morphogensis RXMG
Mike Plume
Back Home For Christmas RXMC
The Ya-Ya's
Wild Horses b/w Sway RXMP
Fluid Waffle
Reunion live recording remaster XM
Morgan Friend
Big Train
Demos for web use and instrumentals for TV score RXM
Cooper MacLaren
Roaming Still CD TVCD-018 RXMPG
Rotted Roots Ramblers
The "Unpaid-for" album TVCD-017 RXMC
The Kingmakers
Chicago Hi-Style TVCD-016 RXMPCG - bed tracks recorded at Hi-Style Studio Chicago
Mike Plume
Red and White Blues 2013 RXMPC
The Wild Vines
No Kinds Of Love
Live demos RXM
Tessa Duc Upcoming release TVCD-020 RXMP
Ninety Pounds of Ugly
Never Going Back CD 2012 upright bass, backing vox, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, co-wrote
Uncle Sean and the Shifty Drifters
Honky Tonk Heart 2013 TVCD-014 RXMPG upright bass/harmony vox/layout & design
Lefty McRighty
Nashville Roadkille CD 2012 - (with the support of the Ontario Arts Council) TVCD-013 RXMP
Sick Sick Sicks
The Intro Is The Chorus CD RXMPCG
Ray Harris
Poorly Kept Secrets CD TVCD-012 RXMPCG
Huntley Slim
Make Work Project EP RXM
The Kingmakers
"Last Night In Nashville" - bed tracks recorded at Cowboy Jack Clement's studio in Nashville- nominated for best roots/blues album of 2010 in Ottawa XPress TVCD-011 RXMPCG
Ray Harris
"West Virginia Coal Mine" single (record/mix/master, upright bass, backing vox, percussion) as well as various demos RXM
Uncle Sean and the Shifty Drifters
"Drinkin' Ramblin' Honky Tonkin'" CD - record/mix/master/upright bass/lap steel/harmony vox - 2010
Nominated best roots/blues album of 2010 in Ottawa XPress - 5 Star review in Country Music People (UK) TVCD-010
Friends of Steve
Staggering Work of Heartbroken Genius CD TVCD-009 (RXMPCG/all instruments/vocals)
Ninety Pounds of Ugly
Richmond Hotel Room #3
Winner of 2009 Best of Ottawa award, reached #3 on national folk/roots/blues chart. Upright bass, backing vox, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, co-wrote TVCD-008
Lynne Hanson
Demos for grant application RXM
Bible All-Stars
Pretty Down There CD (Remixes) XM
Ray Harris
"East End West End North End South End" (mastering, recorded/mixed 3 songs, upright bass, pedal steel, harmonica) TVCD-007 MP / RXMP
The Kingmakers
"Tupelo To Memphis" (recording / mastering / upright bass / backing vox / co-writing)
Runner-up for Best roots/blues album of 2009 in Ottawa XPress, reached #6 on national folk/roots/blues chart TVCD-006
Ken Workman and the Union TVCD-005 G
The Kingmakers
Live at SUN Studio (overdubs / mixing / mastering / upright bass / backing vox / co-writing) TVCD-004 RXMPCG
The Lowbellies
CD (recorded except drums, mixed, mastered, electric bass, backing vox) TVCD-003 RXMPCG
Looking Forward To Trying Your Stupid Idea (mixed, mastered, co-engineered, songwriting, guitar, vox) TVCD-002 RXMPCG
CD (recording, mixing, mastering, mandolin) RXMPC
Little Bullhorn Sessions (recorded by Dave Draves) TVCD-001 WPC
Cargo Records
Ottawa City Speedway compilation WPCG
Jimmy George Hotel Motel (bass, mandolin, co-writing, some vocals, recorded at Raven Street and Sound of One Hand) PCG
Jimmy George
A Month of Sundays (bass, mandolin, co-writing, some vocals, recorded at Raven Street and Sound of One Hand) PCG
One Handed Records
Plug! compilation PCG
Mystic Zealots
Still My Eyesore PWCG
Mystic Zealots
Joyride PWCG
"Checking for Nerve Damage" cassette RXMPCG
Demos (featuring Jim Bryson; record, mix, master)  
The Angela Lansburies
Demo recordings  
Ten Miles High Demo recordings  

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