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Setting up your web site is only half the battle... far too many sites get virtually abandoned once they "go live", sitting idle as their copyright notices gradually become 2 or 3 years old and their information becomes stale...

At TenVolt we empower our clients with what we like to call the TenVolt Remote Control... Imagine being able to:

• update your site from any computer with an Internet connection, even while travelling
• update your site without investing in any web authoring software and with a bare minimum of training
• make one small update which affects more than one page, without having to alter each page
• update your site with virtually no knowledge of HTML or any other technical mumbo-jumbo
• have items such as news automatically go from the home page to archives page, based on criteria you specify, with no update needed on your part
• allow different staff members to update different areas of your site, without any overlap of responsibility and less change for error or accidental deletions
• allow you to upload or delete images and PDF files without FTP software or technical knowledge

These are just some examples but this is what we call TenVolt Remote Control - giving you control of your site and maybe doing our part to keep the web fresh and your visitors coming back.

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