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The Princelator - The Web as Written by Prince?
Prince's Greatest Hits

Prince (the artist formerly known as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince") has established himself as an important force in pop music. He has also developed a unique, though sometimes almost unreadable, twist on the english language, replacing words and syllables with numbers, contracting words, and generally mucking about with spelling.

We, the perspiring minds at TenVolt, wondered what it would be like to see the web through the eyes (or pen) of Prince. So this utility was born...

Enter an URL for any web page or some text and click submit. Some sample sites are provided but feel free to enter your own site or any other URL. Pages with lots of text work best. It make take a minute to Princelate the page so please be patient. More info.

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Sample URL's (click to select): The Canadian National Anthem - Donald Trump Speech Transcript - Bill Gates Keynote Speech - Passage from The Bible
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Additional Info

The script is based on a highly unscientific review of Prince's web site, CD track listings and liner notes. The script is an ASP page written in VBScript. Basically it goes and gets the page you ask for, goes through it and looks for anything that matches the words in a dictionary. If it finds a match, it replaces it with the designated Prince-speak version. It is not that smart but does try to do a few things like preserve upper-case letters and only make changes that make sense. This script was written by Stephen K. Donnelly in November, 2001. More info or custom versions available upon request.

This script is for entertainment purposes only and does not purport to do anything at all, useful or otherwise. All information everywhere else on the web is owned by the relevant copyright holder. This page just retrieves a page, formats it in a particular way, and sends it to the browser, just like the Altavista Babel Fish page. No copyright infringement is intended. ©2001-2016 Stephen K. Donnelly / Ten Volt Consulting Inc.

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