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SUGARBUSH BANNERSugarbush is a lovely hand-drawn font inspired by the band known as Sugarbush. Check them out if you are ever in Ottawa, Canada. They currently feature Fiona Boey, Mike Lawson, Tim Connolly and Greg Langille . Their music could be described as power-pop, or maybe sugar-punk. I just made that up. The font is available in regular and slightly-bolder bold.




ROADEKILL BANNERRoadekill. Why the weird spelling? Because you can't trademark common words. You can trademark manufactured words. So now no one else can have a font called Roadekill. Big deal. There's only one weight, because, frankly, that's enough. Note: unfortunately due to the complexity of this font, some Windows systems and/or Microsoft applications do not draw it properly, if at all, on screen. It does seem to be OK in programs like CorelDraw and Fireworks though. Unless you are going to use it for printed or web graphics, I wouldn't bother downloading it.




COLLIDE BANNERCollide is the unlikely wedding of Futura and Times Roman. I think. I can't remember anymore. It's reasonably legible, and the capital letters look mighty cool. It's available in regular and bold. Only here.


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